Welcome to peders - "pisserendens ølkælder", it simply means, the beer cellar of the piss-gutter. The piss-gutter is the less flattering nickname for our neighbourhood. Once a rough one, riddled by dodgy bodegas, loose women, tricks and thieves.

At home in a dug cellar from 1796, boasting the old fashion hygge, peders is a small independent craft beer bar, bottle- and webshop.

We have:

- a vision to create a space unspoiled by TV´s and digital music, a foundation for people to meet people. Talk. You know. Like we used to do.

- a mission to bring back good service to the people. A mission to create a space reflecting our values and who we are as individuals. Making room for everybody, who makes room for everybody.

Oh - and of course, added the ingredient of the best craft beer from Denmark and abroad. We strive to carry a selection of around 100 bottles and 12 exciting beers on tap.

The music is on vinyl, join us for a trip down memory lane as the dusty records are spinning in the corner of the bar. YOU are the DJ and always welcome to flick through our collection of records or bring along your own.

Stop by and say hi!

Rasmus & Jonas